What’s Cooking? Start Cooking Book Launch

The new edition of What’s Cooking? Start Cooking was officially launched on the 29th December 2017 at Tessa’s Restaurant, Freetown, Sierra Leone.

The event was attended by guests from Sierra Leone, UK and the USA who were invited by the Author, Muriel Emekunle Davies.

The programme commenced with Prof. Radcliffe Lisk introducing the Chairman, Dr. Sylvester Young. Dr. S. Young chaired the session elegantly. He related the story of how he had to prepare a traditional Sierra Leonean meal without the aid of his wife after having the brilliant idea of using the first edition of the What’s Cooking recipe book. Of course it tasted so well and was so delicious; he saved some for his wife who didn’t believe that he cooked the meal himself. He also highlighted that this book is written by a 98 year old amazing woman who has inspired all of us to embrace our local dishes.

In Mrs. Muriel Davies’ statement, she highlighted the fact that the first edition of What’s Cooking today was first published in 1996 and thanked those involved in the publication of the second edition of her cookbook. See attached picture for the full statement.

The editor, Mrs Rotimi Nelson, highlighted the journey to publishing this new edition of What’s Cooking from typing all the recipes to developing the website (https://www.whatscooking.ronel.co.uk) to accompany the book.

Mrs Grace Fullah, {Principal, YWCA}, expressed her appreciation to Mrs. Davies for writing this recipe book. She stated that it would assist her students as there is virtually no cooking manual or text of Sierra Leonean recipes for use by schools. The book would be a useful text to inspire young chefs to create our mouth-watering meals.

Mrs Florence Anderson, our top seller, spoke about how the book provides guidance and she will encourage the readers to be brave and experiment with the recipes to make them personal, for example, by replacing meat with vegetables or fish.

Now to the official launching by Mrs Nemata Majeks-Walker, who successfully sold the first official signed copy of the book for $250 to Mr & Mrs Calvyn Davies.

The vote of thanks was presented by Mrs Daphne Nicole before the sales and signing of books by the author. Before the closure of the event, 37 books had been sold by guests in attendance.
Indeed everyone was amazed by this nonagenarian who still sprouted the brain of teenager!




Author & Editor/Publisher
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About the author

Rotimi Nelson is a grand-daughter of Mrs Muriel Davies (a.k.a. Nana Kunle). She entrusted me to publish her latest cookbook and share her knowledge with the world.

She is also an experienced results-oriented Project Manager with a passion for developing websites for small businesses.


  1. Congratulations Aunty Muriel… My Dad (Evelyn Cummings) gave me a copy of your first book in July 1996 and I have cooked from it since. I look forward to purchasing my copy of this edition and sharing your wisdom and insights with my sons DJ and Benny! They will each have their copy! Happy Happy Birthday Aunty Muriel. See you soon. Love always, your namesake, Muriel

  2. What an achievement at 98 nanna!! I have the 1996 edition which I still use. Can’t wait to get this edition. Thanks for your passion and tenacity. This is a notable achievement and you have given us a legacy. You have broken limits of age and am well proud of you. God bless you. I love you very much!

  3. What an inspiration proven the adage that age truly has no limits on our achievements & goals in life . Very proud of your success , a true inspiration for the next generation. Would love to order 1 book so if I can teach my 21 year old daughter in her spare time how to cook … Stay blessed all …

  4. Got a copy of the first edition from my mum Edwina and have purchased copies of the second edition for myself and also as gifts. Bravo. Stay blessed and see you soon

  5. Congratulations Aunty Kunle, you gave me a copy of the first edition after we successfully worked together on a British Council project on Food Preservation in 1996. Would be happy to purchase copies for myself and my non-Sierra Leonean friends who have used some of your recipes. God bless you.

  6. Thank you all for your support and leaving a comment. I showed Nana Kunle these comments and she was very honored to read all your comments.

  7. What a fantastic initiative – can’t wait to get my copy! I love the Krio ‘print’ dress you are wearing – thank you for embodying Krio spirit and for being such a great inspiration!

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